Best Luxury Rose Gold Watches for Ladies in 2021: Complete Reviews With Comparisons

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Nowadays, women have deviated from the usual gold and silver colors of watches.

The popularity of rose gold has skyrocketed in recent years, especially when it comes to luxury timepieces.

With its gentle pink and yellow tones, the alluring metal smoothly displays a sophisticated and beautiful appearance.

That is why many are looking for the best luxury rose gold watches for ladies due to the increasing interest and demand.

To help you choose your next expensive timepiece, we picked and reviewed five distinct watches that garnered acclaim from most of their wearers.

Comparison Chart

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Michael Kors Women’s Sofie Stainless Steel Analog-Quartz Watch
41wtb5V pkL. SL500
Fossil Women’s 42mm Charter Stainless Steel Mesh Hybrid HR Smart Watch
31M7oSe0+pL. SL500
Movado Women’s BOLD Sugar Dial Rose Gold Watch
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Diamonds 34mm Swiss Rose Gold Stainless Steel Wrist Watch
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Olivia Burton Lace Detail Blush Rose Gold Dial Ladies Watch

Best Luxury Rose Gold Watches for Ladies: A Review

1. Michael Kors Petite Sofie

31ZkQfDWLFS. SL500

Michael Kors is one of the household names in lifestyle fashion.

One of the brand’s coveted items is the Petite Sofie, which exhibits style and prestige.


The Petite Sofie by Michael Kors has distinct qualities that are worth highlighting.

Some of them are:

  • High-Quality Design

This 26mm wristwatch is sure to captivate onlookers with its mother of pearl dial, rose gold bracelet, and round stainless steel case.

The deployant clasp firmly secures the watch while delivering a pristine yet sophisticated appearance.

  • Versatile Aesthetic

It is mostly a given that most lifestyle watches provide a style upgrade to their wearers.

The Michael Kors Petite Sofie is an excellent example of that as the watch’s design balances modesty and sophistication.

Thanks to this balance, it can seamlessly blend into almost any lifestyle attire, formal or casual.

  • Water Resistance

If you prefer to wear a watch while doing recreational swimming for short periods, the Michael Kors Petite Sofie is a good option.

This watch is made to resist water up to 50 meters.

However, since this timepiece is not tailored for such activities, it is recommended not to use it for diving or snorkeling.


  • Compact build
  • Agreeable price
  • Timeless design
  • Great fit


  • Not automatic
  • Actual product may not be consistent with the photos

2. Fossil Charter Hybrid Smartwatch HR

41wtb5V pkL. SL500

Creativity is a hallmark of Fossil. Every month and every year in Richardson, TX, so many distinct designs are made that it’s a surprise people can keep doing it.

Fossil has to have new products for every season in the fashion industry, but not every watch is successful.

The popular ones have a limited shelf life, while the mediocre ones got discontinued from production.

One of Fossil’s releases is the Charter Hybrid Smartwatch HR, which is a unique timepiece for many reasons.


This watch from Fossil combines the functionality of a smart watch but has the aesthetic of a luxury timepiece.

Let’s explore the qualities of Fossil Charter Hybrid Smartwatch HR and find out if this combination works.

  • Dynamic Display

When you look at this Fossil timepiece at first, it would be normal to think that the watch has a generic analog mechanism.

However, once you look at it closely, you see that the conventional appearance is a mirage.

The digital display allows you the Fossil Charter Hybrid Smartwatch HR to customize its looks.

It even gives you the option to use a personal photo as your background.

  • Smart Watch Functionality

There aren’t many smart watch features on the Hybrid HR, but it covers the basics.

A heart rate monitor allows you to track and analyze the patterns of your heart rate properly.

You can customize which alerts you want to receive.

There are about 30 apps that the Fossil Charter Hybrid Smartwatch HR can recognize and alert you if there’s any update.

Controlling your music, checking the weather, and other functions are doable without using your phone.

  • Design

The Fossil Hybrid HR is a stylish, classic wristwatch that exhibits modern features.

It has a bulky bezel, metal body, and three push buttons on the right side.

Considering the shape, strap texture, and size of this Fossil watch, it may not be the most versatile timepiece out there.


  • Elegant aesthetic
  • Long-lasting battery life
  • Commendable craftsmanship
  • Durable
  • Water resistant


  • Possible synching issues
  • Fitness tracking function needs improvement

3. Movado BOLD Rose Gold

31M7oSe0+pL. SL500

Movado is an established watchmaker in the industry, specializing in a clean, minimalist style reminiscent of modern art.

When it comes to promoting watches as status symbols in the USA, the Movado Group has played a significant role in that regard.

While the company had its operations based in La Chaux-de-Fonds in Switzerland, it later transferred to the USA after an American businessman acquired Movado.

The Movado BOLD Rose Gold is an elegant women’s watch that exhibits attention-catching details.


In regards to qualities, the Movado Women’s BOLD Rose Gold watch has some notable elements.

  • Accurate Timekeeping

Timepieces with Swiss quartz movements deliver exceptionally accurate timekeeping, outstanding craftsmanship, and minimum maintenance.

Such is the case with the Movado BOLD, as its components allow for reliable, precise time-telling.

  • Sophisticated Design

Inspired by architectural purity, the Movado BOLD Rose Gold women’s watch allows you to explore a magnificently beautiful timepiece with a dazzling sugar dial.

You can pair this timepiece with other jewelry to get an elegant, prestigious vibe to your fashion ensemble.

  • Resilient Crystal Glass

The K1 Mineral Crystal is utilized on the Movado BOLD Rose Gold, the same type used on designer watches.

Many have attested that the K1 is more durable than conventional mineral crystals.


  • Water-resistant up to 30 meters
  • Friendly size
  • More visually impressive than the photos
  • Great packaging


  • No hour marker
  • Lack of second hand

4. Burberry BU9127

41FXgeCTfjL. SL500

Most likely, whenever you see a checkered scarf or trench coat, the first name that comes to your mind is Burberry.

When a brand achieves that kind of distinction, it positively impacts its popularity and profitability.

Burberry was founded in 1856 by Thomas Burberry and today is a globally famous luxury brand.

The brand is not limited to apparel since it offers a wide range of premium products from different categories.

One of their luxury accessories is the Burberry BU9127, which showcases the rose gold color.


Let’s explore the notable features of this luxury watch from Burberry.

  • Scratch Resistant Sapphire

As the toughest crystal available, sapphire is the material of choice for many high-end timepieces.

Unlike the natural sapphire that most are familiar with, the sapphire glass used in wristwatches is usually artificial.

In most cases, only a diamond can scratch a sapphire crystal.

As such, you can expect premium resistance to dents and scratches on the crystal cover of the Burberry BU9127.

  • Diamond Hour Markers

In regular watches, hour markers are placed primarily for function.

When diamonds are used as hour markers for luxury watches, it is mainly to bolster the prestigious appeal. 

Usually, this type of hour marker is paired with additional diamond embellishments, such as a diamond bezel, to achieve a higher level of elegance.

While the Burberry BU9127 has only diamonds on its hour markers, it is more than enough to deliver a high degree of prestige and beauty.

  • Stainless Steel Bracelet

Compared to precious metals such as gold and platinum, stainless steel is less valuable.

However, the primary benefit of this material compared to others is its anti-corrosive quality.

The Burberry BU9127 features a stainless steel bracelet, which allows it to be extremely resilient, rust-free, and harmless to health.


  • Great gift option
  • Unisex design
  • Classic aesthetic
  • Water resistant


  • Limited availability

5. Olivia Burton Lace Detail Blush & Rose Gold Watch

best luxury rose gold watches for ladies

Olivia Burton is perfect for individuals who enjoy flowery, feminine, and nature-inspired accessories.

The brand was founded in 2011 when friends Jemma and Lesa decided to create their watch and jewelry company.

Inspired by a shared passion for designing and a desire to discover a watch they liked to wear, the founders decided to create their own company.

The Olivia Burton Lace Detail Blush & Rose Gold Watch is one of their releases that displays a modest yet elegant aesthetic.


When it comes to features, this rose gold-colored watch from Olivia Burton might not be as impressive as others but still has enough to be considered.

  • Feminine Design

Taking elements from the lace trends seen on fashion runways, the Olivia Burton Lace Detail Blush & Rose Gold Watch offers a pristine, sophisticated look.

Ornate rose gold details are placed across its dial, which is this timepiece’s most noticeable design detail.

  • Blush Leather Strap

Compared to the other entries, this premium watch uses a blush leather strap known to be soft and smooth.

This material’s modest, clean aesthetic makes it easy to blend with numerous casual and formal clothing.

  • Ion-Plated Stainless Steel

This type of stainless steel makes the Olivia Burton Lace Detail Blush & Rose Gold Watch essentially resistant to fade.

As such, you can rely on the luxury watch to retain its look for a long time.


  • Reasonably-priced
  • 1ATM water rating
  • Superb craftsmanship


  • Strap durability could be suspect
  • Availability in question


With the best luxury rose gold watches for ladies we reviewed, the Movado BOLD Rose Gold is our favorite.

In terms of the overall design, quality of materials, and elegance, it is superior to the others.

To top it off, this watch from Movado is offered at a price that doesn’t break the bank.

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