Women’s Luxury Watch Guide for Beginners

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In addition to telling time, women’s watches are also fashion statements you can wear by themselves or blended with other jewelry pieces.

Besides functionality, a luxury watch must also be visually appealing and have a particular level of distinction.

A women’s luxury watch guide will be beneficial if you’re unsure which brand or model you should look out for.

Let’s explore factors that you need to consider and other related topics about luxury watches.

Top Reasons To Purchase a Luxury Watch

If you’re reluctant to own a high-end timepiece, we have listed down a few reasons why you should consider it.

Style Upgrade

When you have a wonderful piece of luxury on your wrist, clock-checking suddenly takes on a whole new meaning.

Luxury watches are fashionable for a long time to come, with no signs of becoming obsolete.

Since its inception, many viewed it as more of a piece of jewelry than a mechanism that tells time.

A premium watch can elevate your style to new heights.

You can wear clothing that is almost indistinguishable from others, but pairing it with a luxury watch could easily make you stand out.

Good Investment

Particularly well-known brands like Rolex, luxury watches keep their worth exceptionally well.

Certain timepieces can also increase in value over time, making them excellent investments.

In 2017, a Rolex Daytona was sold at an auction in New York for a whopping $17.8 million.

The late Paul Newman, one of the most celebrated Hollywood actors in history, owned it.

It only took about 12 minutes before it was sold to a bidder over the telephone.

To this date, it is the highest price ever recorded for a wristwatch sold at an auction.

The brand, history, and the original owner of a luxury watch are the factors that increase its value.

Realistically, you can’t expect to sell any luxury watch with a similar mark-up to that of Paul Newman’s.

Many resellers relate it to predicting the stock market, meaning you have to look for trends to get the best price.

If you want to invest in luxury watches, your best bet is to buy low and sell high, similar to the common practice of stock trading.

Symbol of Success or Achievement

A luxury watch is a symbol of achievement for most people.

To some, owning such an item could very well be an accomplishment by itself.

As such, luxury watches become a source of pride for their wearers.

Brands, such as Rolex and Patek Philippe, are sometimes viewed as synonymous with success.

Many songs are referencing these brands whenever the lyrics are about showcasing what they own.

Some examples you’ll commonly see are luxury watches worn by people who won an award, getting drafted in a world-class league, and many other milestones.

Out of the reasons we listed, this one is probably the primary motivation of people who fancy owning a luxury watch.

Family Heirloom

Jewelry, art pieces, and literature are some of the usual heirlooms we see.

A luxury watch is also widely considered due to its timeless design, value, and overall prestige.

This item is usually built to last, so passing it onto your kids, grandkids, and great-grandkids is possible.

If you want to leave a physical legacy to your family, a good luxury watch is an excellent choice.

Factors To Consider When Buying Luxury Watches

It is said that luxury watches are the perfect complement to a woman’s jewelry collection.

Any ensemble may be transformed into one of distinction and elegance, provided that the timepiece matches the wearer’s style.

High-end watches have one significant element that sets them apart from other prestige accessories, which is functionality.

There is no other jewelry to date that offers practical use other than a luxury watch.

It may not give you other notifications such as emails, heart rate, and additional information that a smart watch could.

However, no smart watch could probably exceed a luxury watch in regards to elegance.

With that in mind, let’s explore the factors you need to think about when looking for a women’s luxury watch.


In terms of recognition, luxury watches are pretty much defined by the company that crafted them.

Other details of this accessory might be necessary to some buyers, but ultimately, most are largely enamored by the name it bears.

Let’s identify some of the top luxury watch brands for women.

Patek Phillippe

Among all prominent Swiss watch brands, Patek Philippe is usually recognized as one of the most popular.

The company has been in the industry since 1839 and has since become a staple when it comes to luxury timepieces.

There are notable reasons why Patek Philippe has endured and continues to thrive in today’s competitive market.

  • Legacy

Patek Philippe was founded in 1839 and owned by the Stern family for more than 80 years.

In this way, the company’s philosophy and policies are more consistent.

As a result, the quality of their products is mainly unaffected.

That’s because there is no sudden shift in company vision, policies, and overall operations.

  • Craftsmanship

Patek Philippe has mastered every facet of premium watchmaking.

The company has refined manual-wind watches with mechanisms such as an annual calendar and second timezone, with intricate add-ons like split-second chronograph, tourbillon, and minute repeater.

With the use of high-tech machinery, superb expert craftsmanship is combined with the latest in technology.

  • Limited Release

According to some women’s luxury watch guides, fewer than one million Patek Philippe watches have been produced since 1839.

In contrast, some high-end Swiss manufacturers release more products in a year than this.

When it comes to creating Patek watches, the company is so meticulous that it requires nine months to make the most simple timepieces.

Two years is the usual timeframe for more of the complex models.

In some instances, Patek Philippe watches are so desired that buyers must go through an application process to prove they are collectors of a high enough caliber to qualify.

women's luxury watch guide


Any list or topics of luxury watches isn’t complete without mentioning Rolex.

Regardless of gender, there is no doubt that the brand is recognized by almost everyone as the Holy Grail when it comes to premium wristwatches.

John F. Kennedy, Paul Newman, Winston Churchill, Steve Mcqueen, Barack Obama are just a few examples of iconic figures who sported a Rolex watch on their wrists.

With the popularity of its wearers, the brand has since then been associated with anything prestige or achievement.

Let’s check out a few reasons why you should get a Rolex.

  • Undeniable Quality

All luxury watch manufacturers claim their craftsmanship is second to none.

While it is mostly accurate, Rolex could proclaim that their production quality is the best in the business.

Rolex watches are assembled manually, and they only use the most premium materials and unmatched procedures in production.

As such, you’ll be confident that every component, from gems to internal pieces, is perfectly aligned.

People who earn a decent wage and operate under excellent conditions construct all Rolex parts in Switzerland.

Innumerable efforts are taken to ensure that every Rolex watch is reliable and excellent in every way.

  • Status Symbol

Most luxury watches are considered a status symbol for the wealthy and successful because of their price, design, and scarcity.

While the quality of Rolex watches is simply one of the best in the world, it is not the primary reason most are clamoring over this brand.

Also, no other brand can compete with Rolex when it comes to worldwide recognition.

As implied above, numerous prominent cultural and political figures seem to have an affinity with Rolex.

Even if it’s due to paid endorsement or just by personal choice, it made the luxury watch company a household name, even for those who can’t afford it.

Any collector worth their salt will always have a Rolex or two in their ensemble because of its popularity.

  • Reliability

Every measure done ensures that the high standards of quality are carried out with no compromise.

From the conception of a new model to the individual testing of each timepiece, Rolex makes sure that every process is fault-proof.

The company is known to be a pioneer in developing methods to guarantee the dependability and resilience of its products.

Rolex’s reliability stems from its wide range of expertise and innovative practices.

They employed engineers who are masters in the field of metals and other materials, physics, mechanics, and the latest in microtechnology.

Besides engineers, Rolex also invests in hiring constructors, statisticians, prototype creators, and top-notch horologists.

This collection of workers operate in harmony to produce the best possible outcome for each product.

Audemars Piguet

As a watchmaker since 1875, Audemars Piguet is proud to have bucked the trend of traditional watchmaking to produce high-end timepieces.

Most have probably learned about this Swiss brand via its most famous creation, the AP Royal Oak, first made public in 1972.

The Royal Oak is recognized as the first luxury steel sports watch.

AP isn’t in the same league as Rolex and Patek regarding pop culture references and iconic wearers.

That said, it has more than enough qualities that solidify its relevance in the luxury watch business.

  • Premium Craftsmanship and Materials

Audemars Piguet watches are characterized by their stunning design and the premium materials and methods utilized to produce them. 

Audemars Piguet may require several years of training before being qualified as one of its watchmakers.

The primary reason for this long training is each task is most likely to be highly time-consuming, complex, and tedious. 

Many detailed tasks must be accomplished, from developing and decorating to finishing and testing the components.

In general, no details are left to chance whenever an AP watch is in production.

  • Aftermarket Value

Comparatively, AP watches offer excellent resale values.

That means certain Audemars Piguet watches are more valuable than other luxury watches, especially the Royal Oak releases.

However, the price also relies on other criteria, such as the current state of the watch.

Scratches and dents could easily diminish the maximum price you can get.

Other factors such as warranty, original packaging, and original documentation may also impact the resale value.

As such, if you’re investing in AP watches, make sure you maintain them properly together with all the paperwork and packaging.

  • Price

When it comes to luxury items, price is arguably the factor that every prospective buyer should worry about the least.

Nevertheless, if you want to own a premium watch that is not as expensive as a Rolex or Patek, you can opt for an entry-level Audemars Piguet.

The price difference may be just a couple of hundreds of dollars, but still, that money could buy you many other items.

To give you an idea, entry-level luxury watches cost around $12 thousand for both AP and Patek.

Vacheron Constantin

Vacheron Constantin has a 263-year legacy and has withstood the French Revolution and both world wars.

As such, the company is recognized as the oldest prestigious watchmaker on Earth.

Its founder, Jean-Marc Vacheron, is considered one of the finest watchmakers of the 18th century.

His expertise paved the way for his creations to be recognized by prominent historical figures.

Some examples are the Wright brothers, Prince Napoleon, Romania’s Queen Mary, and Charles Emmanuel, Prince of Carignano.

Men and women are enamored by Vacheron Constantin watches due to the reasons listed below.

  • Complexity

As a manufacturer of intricate timepieces, Vacheron Constantin has a lengthy and record-breaking history in the field.

The Swiss company began producing complicated timepieces 15 years after its founding in 1755.

From its inception, the company has been regarded as one of the world’s leading watchmakers.

Among its recent complex watches is the Tour d’Ile, released in 2005.

Many have labeled this model as the most complicated luxury watch in the world with its 16 complications.

Whether manufactured in the mid-20th century or recent years, Vacheron Constantin’s complicated wristwatches are highly prized.

  • Vintage Aesthetic

As a master of vintage design, Vacheron Constantin has become an industry leader.

For less than $15,000, you can avail a timepiece that exhibits features reminiscent of the early to the mid-20th century.

Their extensive historical design background inspires numerous modern releases.

If you have a penchant for accessories that displays classic details, going for a Vacheron Constantin watch is not a bad idea.

  • High-Quality Finishing

The purpose of most watches is to keep time, but they are also pieces of art by themselves.

Most luxury watches have components refined to perfection as a testament to their craftsmanship.

Some collectors view Vacheron Constantin as superior to Rolex when it comes to the level of finishing.

While this aspect is very debatable, you shouldn’t overlook that some people choose VC over the more popular brand.


While the brand is everything for some, it is still essential to consider your next luxury watch features.

Not all luxury watches are created with the same qualities because some have higher levels of complexity.

These variations in features are among the reasons there is a significant difference in pricing.

A chronograph watch, for example, may appeal to you because of its classic look.

In some situations, a timepiece with numerous complications could be appealing to some women due to its superb mechanism.

As such, many watchmakers are aiming to make women’s watches as advanced as men’s watches.

Regardless if you’re shopping for a men’s or women’s luxury watch, the price difference is mostly non-existent.

With that in mind, there’s no logical reason why you shouldn’t compromise features when shopping for premium timepieces.

Below are some notable qualities for ladies’ luxury watches that you may consider.

Water Resistance

Luxury watches aren’t supposed to be on your wrist whenever you are doing water activities.

These timepieces are not specifically built to withstand high water pressure, which is why there are dive watches available.

However, it wouldn’t hurt to have a premium wristwatch that provides a degree of water resistance.

Mechanical Movement

Your next luxury watch must have a mechanical watch mechanism, one of the essential features of this accessory.

An automatic mechanical movement is an intricate art that requires outstanding skills and knowledge to produce.

Several complicated watch components are assembled to create a mechanical watch’s movement.

In a watch, it’s the smooth operation of little pieces that keeps it ticking.

When the wearer moves, the watch’s mechanism charges itself.

If they have been out of use for some time, you need to wound such watches manually.

The main benefit of automatic watches is that you don’t need a “battery” to make them work.


Design-wise, it is reasonably common for premium watches to have precious stones.

Obviously, watches with precious stones on them are more coveted, especially if the timepieces are glittering due to diamonds.

In terms of functionality, in order to reduce wear and tear, jewels are placed into the interior of classic luxury watches.

Many recognized that jewels are known to be more resilient and durable compared to metals.

As such, you must get a luxury watch that exhibits jewels on its mechanism.


Modern luxury clocks are made from a wide variety of materials.

For watch casings, the market is flooded with new high-tech alloys.

Before, you’ll only see gold, stainless steel, and platinum as the primary material for watch casings.

Still, it will ultimately boil down to personal preferences, as most of the metals used on luxury timepieces are expected to be elegant and durable.

For the protective glass covering, you might want to consider a watch that uses sapphire crystal glass.

This material is known to be less prone to scratches compared to acrylic and mineral.

Women’s Luxury Watch Guide: Final Thoughts

With all the premium timepieces for women available in the market, it would be challenging to choose which one is for you.

Regardless of your choice, a luxury watch can be a family heirloom, portable asset, and a symbol of success.

Whether you settle for an entry-level or a limited edition, make sure you purchase an authentic, certified luxury watch.

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