Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 Review

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With the huge and ever-increasing use of mobile devices, it was inevitable that many of the manufacturers would seek to replicate what could be done by cellphones and tablets, in watches, and so it came to pass.  

With Samsung, it started with their Galaxy Watch Active, and now they have upgraded that to the Active 2.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2


You can’t say that Samsung let the grass grow under their feet given that the first Galaxy Watch Active had barely been on sale for 6 months when along came the Active 2, in mid-2019.

The Active 2 is obviously an upgrade of the first incantation, although it has to be said there are many similarities in terms of shape and the touchscreen.

One major difference is the Active 2 is available in two sizes, and the main appeal to many of those buying the Active 2, will be the slimmer 40 mm version.

It also has LTE connectivity options, and the addition of ECG monitoring, which no doubt helps it compete with the Apple watch.

Who is This Watch For?

There are many people who would benefit from this watch, and even someone who may not need to use all its functions, the fact it’s a classy looking watch in its own right, might be enough for some.

Its functions are obviously part of its appeal, and with the word ‘Active’ in its name, that obviously means functions relating to health and fitness.

So, anyone who wants to have trackers and apps as close to them as possible as they exercise, (and you don’t get much closer than on your wrist) will love this watch.

There are other functions like voice activation, which some people seem addicted to, so they will gorge on this, plus those that like what might be considered more mundane functions, like online payments or listening to music, will also love this watch.

What’s Included?

You will not find a lot in the box, other than your Samsung Galaxy Active 2, and a wireless charger.

Overview of Features

If we start with the new features that the Active 2 has, these first of them is a choice of size, with the new, thinner, 40 mm version, bound to appeal to those that like to travel ‘light’.

It also has LTE connectivity, and to keep pace with the Apple watch, the Active 2 has heart monitoring technology as one of its new features.

One of the biggest appeals of this watch is that it lives up to its name. For those that like to be active, it can track, and analyze all kinds of data related to your exercise and workout sessions. This also includes being able to give you bespoke advice based on your fitness objectives.

For the less sporty, there are options to listen to music, shop online, stream videos from YouTube, and you are also able to take and make calls thanks to a built-in mic, and assuming you have earbuds that are compatible. Just in case you were about to ask, yes, it does tell you the time.

How to Use Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2

In all honesty, given the number of possible features and apps that the Active 2 can be used with, plus the fact that the user’s manual has no fewer than 79 pages, we are not even going to attempt to give you a full rundown on how to use it.

However, we can help you get started, with the first task being to charge the watch, by connecting the wireless charger to a USB charger cable. You then place the watch onto the charger, in order to charge it up.

Beyond this, our advice is to read the user manual thoroughly as it clearly explains how to use the functions of the watch, and it does so with the help of photos and diagrams.


  • Lots of functions, apps, and features
  • ECG monitoring
  • Touch bezel
  • Awesome design
  • Can be used to make and take calls


  • Battery life on 40 mm version is lacking
  • Mapping solutions are limited



While this Samsung watch can used with iOS, there will undoubtedly be those of you who insist on the ‘real thing,’ therefore the alternative to Active 2, is the Apple 3 watch.

It also comes in two sizes, and it goes even thinner to 38 mm, versus the 40 mm of the Samsung.

Other features which make the Apple 3 special include GPS, heart monitor, ‘always on’ retina display, motivation and fitness apps, access to Apple Music, plus you can also use it to call and text, without having to touch your phone.


While admittedly there is quite a lot to learn about using the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 to its full potential, there is no denying that once you master it, this is a watch that offers you a lot of features, especially if improving your fitness and health are your main objectives.

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