Seiko Prospex Padi Solar Watch Review

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If you are a fan of Japanese watchmakers, particularly the quality and reliability which they have to offer, then one brand you might be interested in is Seiko.

Seiko is on the border of basic and luxury, with many of their watches featuring luxury style and quality, but at reasonable prices that the average Joe can afford.

In this article, we will be looking at one of the most popular Seiko watches on the market at this time, an absolutely beautiful timekeeping piece.

Seiko Prospex Padi Solar Watch


The Seiko Prospex Padi Solar Watch is a very sleek, stylish, and elegant watch designed to keep time accurately and to look the part.

It might not be a super feature-rich watch with tons of modern tech, but it doesn’t need to be. It works very well, it’s durable, and it looks amazing, all for a fairly reasonable price.

Who is this Product for?

The Seiko Prospex Padi Solar Watch is designed for people who like old school and traditional analog wristwatches that are accurate and reliable.

This is a watch designed for somebody who needs a timekeeping piece that is elegant enough to match their sophisticated wardrobe, yet priced low enough so it can actually be afforded.

This is the kind of watch you can wear on a date, to a business meeting, or for a long hike through the woods.

What’s Included?

When you purchase the Seiko Prospex Padi Solar Watch, you get a beautiful stainless steel watch complete with a watch face that features several hues of blue.

Overview of Features

Right off the bat, one of the most impressive features of the Seiko Prospex Padi Solar Watch is that is uses solar power to keep itself going.

Generally speaking, with analog watches like this, you would have to replace the batteries once every year or so; however, thanks to the fact that this watch uses solar power, a single battery can last for several years without issue. It’s definitely the standout feature of the Seiko Prospex Padi Solar Watch.

Next, when it comes to the construction of this watch, it is made of stainless steel, which is true both of the case and the band.

We like this because stainless steel is known for being tough, it doesn’t dent or bend easy, it’s hard to scratch, it doesn’t rust, and it has a certain simple elegance to it as well.

Simply put, for the reasonable price that the Seiko Prospex Padi Solar Watch comes at, it’s certainly quite durable.

This goes so far as being waterproof as well, because this watch is water-resistant down to 200 meters (660 feet), and it is suitable for scuba diving, a feature which not many watches can boast. Just going back to durability, the window here is made of Hardlex mineral crystal, which is both impact and scratch-resistant.

Something else that stands out about the Seiko Prospex Padi Solar Watch is how it comes with “Lumbrite Hands,” which means that the hands illuminate in the dark for easy reading, which is also true for the time markers.

To add a bit of sophistication to the mix, this watch also features a one-way rotating bezel so your dive times will be safe. To ensure the ultimate in timekeeping accuracy, the Seiko Prospex Padi Solar Watch features precise Japanese-caliber V157 solar quartz movement.


In terms of using the Seiko Prospex Padi Solar Watch, remember that in essence, it is quite a simple watch. It comes with a single dial that is used to set the time.

Simply pull the dial out, rotate it until the desired time is reached, and then push the dial back in to complete the time setting process. On a side note, although this watch is advertised as being able to go 200 meters below the surface of the water, we wouldn’t necessarily try putting this to the test.


  • Very good looking
  • Reasonably priced
  • Extremely durable
  • Water resistant – can be used for scuba diving
  • Easy to read – luminous hands and markers
  • Solar powered – great battery life


Solar charging takes quite a while


If for whatever reason, this watch does not seem like a good fit for you, another option is Rolex. Rolex are luxury watches, with the Rolex Explorer II Stainless Steel Mens Watch being one of the best and newest models.

If it is a luxury watch at a reasonable price that you are looking for, check out the TAG Heuer Men’s WAZ111A.BA0875 Formula 1 Stainless Steel Watch.


Seiko is one of the most popular and trusted watchmakers in the world, and for good reason, because they make quality items at reasonable price, as can be seen by the Seiko Prospex Padi Solar Watch.

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