How To Set a Casio G Shock Digital Watch: An in-Depth Guide

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Knowing how to set a Casio G Shock digital watch is something every new watch owner needs to figure out.

As one of the most spectacularly designed timepieces, you’ll find many professionals wearing this particular model.

Even with its modern practical design, you’d be surprised to learn that setting a G Shock is significantly simpler than expected.

What Are G-Shock Watches?

When shopping for a watch, the most important thing is finding a model that suits your specific needs.

More formal wearers prefer pieces with automatic or mechanical movements paired with a sleek and stylish exterior.

For more rugged uses, G-Shock watches are often regarded as some of the top-tier options for everyday wear.

At first glance, you will see their stylish exterior, which boasts ruggedness paired with durability.

There is no doubt that when compared to more formal pieces, these watches have an iconic style.

They are often loved by law enforcement, military personnel, and the most fashionable athletes.

What Are the Components of a G-Shock Watch?

Several components set G-Shock watches apart from the competition, including water resistance, weather resistance, and durable parts.

Let’s take a look at the most remarkable aspects of these timepieces.

Pairing your watch with your smartphone is a modern feature that many specialists don’t know they need until they have it.

Many digital G-Shock watches have Bluetooth technology that allows you to connect to different devices.

This tech makes it possible for you to receive and answer phone calls while also managing some digital apps through your watch.

As an added benefit, you can often pair your watch to your phone to track your fitness.

For example, you can keep track of distance, pace, speed, and other metrics associated with working out.

Water Resistance

Every watch should have a fraction of water resistance.

However, these timepieces are designed to withstand being submerged in water, typically up to 200 meters.

In line with this, it is essential to confirm that your specific model can be submerged, or it might just be water repellent.

GPS Integration

Outdoors enthusiasts will love GPS integration in their watches, as it keeps them up-to-date with their current location.

The G-Shock digital watches typically emit GPS signals to give you reliable location information when it is most needed.

This info can also help track different activities, such as running, cycling, or even kayaking.


There’s no doubt that these watches are designed for survivalists and tactical situations.

With their solar-powered design, you can preserve your watch’s battery life by relying on the natural power from the sun.

This feature is essential for maintaining the usefulness of your timepiece, even in survival situations.

tips on how to set a casio g shock digital watch

How To Set a Casio G Shock Digital Watch: Manual Steps

Now that you’re aware of a G-Shock watch’s most impressive components, let’s get into setting it.

Fortunately, digital watches are straightforward to manage, and once they are set, they likely won’t need adjustments.

It is a good idea to consult the specific instructions for your model, as some of the steps can vary between styles.

Step 1: Notice Button Arrangement

For as in-depth as these timepieces are, they make setting the time particularly simple using a button arrangement.

Looking at your watch, make a note of where all of the five function buttons are, as you’ll need to use them.

With most models, you will find buttons at the top left and top right, known as buttons A and B.

The C and D buttons are on the bottom left and bottom right, depending on the model.

Some of the older watches have the fifth button between the A and D buttons, which could be your C.

Other designs could have a fifth button located near the bottom of the watch, known as the L button.

Once you have a good idea of where all of the functions are, you can begin the setting process.

Typically, you will have to push a couple of keys to get started.

Step 2: Change Modes

The first step to setting your watch is to make sure you are in the correct mode.

Timekeeping mode is what you will need to get to set the time on your watch.

Most models require you to press the A button near the top, doing so for a few seconds for the mode to switch.

When you let go of the A button afterward, the word “SET” should appear on the screen.

From here, you will then be guided through the required steps to customize the watch’s time.

Step 3: Choose the Location

At this point, the watch will require you to input a little bit of information about where you currently are.

G-Shock watches use city codes that automatically adjust the digital clock to the time zone you are in.

By scrolling through the list, you can choose the appropriate city code for where you are, or at least an accurate time zone.

Use the top right and left buttons to move through the list until you find the proper city.

Once the location is accurate, use the lower-left button, or C button, to move onto the next step.

Step 4: Select a Display Option

During this step, you will need to determine whether it is daylight savings time in your area or not.

After this, decide how you want the time the watch to display the time.

As with most timepieces, you can choose between standard 12-hour or 24-hour military-style displays.

Step 5: Adjust Other Display Options

Once you’ve adjusted all of the settings for your local time, you can then customize other display features.

You will want to ensure that you set the correct date and month, as well as the right day of the week.

When you’ve selected the accurate information, quickly review the look of the display to make sure that you like it.

If not, you can easily switch between 12-hour and 24-hour display styles.

Then, when you’re satisfied with the settings, simply press the A button to return to the initial timekeeping mode.

This process could differ between models, as some require certain button presses while others don’t.

Setting a G Shock Watch Using a Phone

As earlier mentioned, G Shock watches are often integrated with Bluetooth technology.

It is a considerable technological upgrade for convenience, and it also makes managing the time on your watch much simpler.

Interestingly, you can update your watch directly through your phone as long as you pair it via Bluetooth.

Step 1: Download the G-Shock Connected App

Before you get started, you will first need to download the G-Shock Connected app on your smartphone.

Also, it’s essential to make sure that you turn the Bluetooth on both in your watch and your device.

Depending on the age of your timepiece, you might need to download the G-Shock+ app instead.

Fortunately, this app has been designed to work with an assortment of smart devices.

There are apps available for iOS (iPhone) and Android devices, and you can download them for free.

Step 2: Pair Your Devices

Once installed, place the watch close to your smartphone and hold the lower-left button on your timepiece for four seconds.

This process will put your device into pairing mode. And when it’s paired, the second hand will point at the Bluetooth logo.

If you have an older G-Shock watch that requires the G-Shock+ app, the pairing process is slightly different.

You will need to click the text that reads, “Discover G-Shock,” then press the app’s top left or bottom right watch button.

These steps will ensure that your watch enters pairing mode. When paired, the model number of your device appears in the app.

Step 3: Enjoy Automatic Updates

Regardless of whether you have a newer or older G-Shock watch, it automatically updates once you pair it with your smartphone.

As such, every time the Bluetooth connections talk to each other, the time will update as needed.

This process is phenomenal when it comes to avoiding the hassle of making manual updates, especially if you travel regularly.

Setting a G Shock Watch Using Atomic Timekeeping

One of the more innovative features that some of the modern G Shock watches offer is called atomic timekeeping.

This tech relies on radio signals from six atomic clocks placed around the world.

Then, your watch will automatically set itself by connecting to these radio signals, which is an added convenience.

To use this feature, all you need to do is place your watch on a windowsill free of any obstructions.

It is also essential to ensure you keep it away from technology that generates interfering signals.

In ideal circumstances, the watch will set itself in approximately five to 10 minutes.

The top recommendation is to consider leaving the watch unworn overnight, as this allows for accurate calibration.

While your device is searching for a signal, do not wear it.

Final Thoughts

There are a few ways to master how to set a Casio G Shock digital watch.

Whether you want to do so manually or prefer automatic timekeeping, the options are diverse.

Then again, since there are many models to consider, it’s important to look at the specific instructions for your model.

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