Best Way To Sell Luxury Watch: Selling a Watch Like a Pro

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The best way to sell luxury watch requires a combination of horologist passion and internet experience.

These points are particularly true for luxury pieces, as you are reaching out to a specific market.

There are several vital things to consider when selling your watch to a respectable buyer, as we explore below.

Best Way to Sell Luxury Watch: Your Top Options

Let’s take a look at the most common ways people are likely to sell their luxury watches.


Using online resources for selling luxury items is a great idea, especially for convenience and reaching niche audiences.

When it comes to luxury goods, you will be able to attract more eyes around the world online than with brick-and-mortar locations.

However, not all online platforms are the same, as many are designed specifically for luxury merchandise.

Jewelry and Luxury Goods Dealers

Rather than online, jewelry stores and luxury goods dealers are two other alternatives for selling your watch.

Sometimes, these methods can be preferred, especially when it comes to highly expensive goods.

You will have the ability to get your pieces appraised and receive quotes from respected professionals.

The most important aspect of finding high-quality luxury goods dealers is finding people with good reputations.

Also, some professionals work with specific brands, which can narrow down your options when finding a good seller.

One of the considerable advantages of in-person selling is that you get the money right away.

Even better, you can avoid potential hidden fees.

Auction Houses

Depending on the value of your watch, auction houses are another opportunity.

Opting for companies like Sotheby’s or Christie’s can be beneficial, especially for higher-priced items.

If you have a lower-quality luxury piece, you could consider eBay and other online auction sites.

Typically, pieces under $1,000 are better suited for eBay, while rare or unique items are sought-after by auction houses.

The rarer your watch, the more competition there will be for great prices, which is why auctioning them off is ideal.

Consignment Shops

Consignment shops fall somewhere in between luxury goods dealers and auction houses.

They are often referred to as a step up from pawn shops in that they offer more competitive pricing.

One of the most considerable benefits of consignment shops is their exceptional knowledge of antique and vintage goods.

To get the best deal, you’ll want to make sure you find an establishment with a focus on jewelry and watches.

With consignment shops, you’ll often receive an appraisal and then be given a quote.

This quote will tell you how much the shop is willing to purchase the piece for.

Consignment shops are an excellent in-person option if you are someone who enjoys negotiating.

Often, you can haggle for a better price, especially if you know your watch is unique.

Once an agreement is decided, you then receive cash for your watch, and your job is done.

How To Sell Luxury Watches

With an idea of the three most popular methods for selling your piece, let’s get into how the process is done.

Depending on the platform you use, the steps you will need to follow are relatively the same.

Step 1: Find All the Accessories

The first thing you will want to do is make sure your watch has all its accessories and packaging.

It is essential that you also include items that prove the piece is legitimate, such as the authenticity guarantee.

Without the accessories, the watch won’t appear as a complete set, which can be unappealing to luxury buyers.

Another essential piece of documentation is its original purchasing information.

Not only will buyers want to certify the authenticity but also that you purchased it.

Having these documents and accessories can increase your price by up to 25%, on average.

If you don’t have any extras, like setting styluses, cleaning cloths, straps, and the likes, the documents are most important.

Depending on the type of watch you own, it could be possible to retrieve lost papers from your purchase.

Brands like Breguet, Omega, Patek Philippe, and Piaget have services that extract documents from archives for a fee.

what is the best way to sell luxury watch

Step 2: Determine ID Numbers

When selling the best luxury watch, there are specific numbers required for listing and authentication.

Most often, listing services require a model or reference number to clarify the make and model.

Like cars, there are several variations of your watch that change over time and significantly affect its price.

The identification numbers act as a serial number, which is unique to every manufactured piece.

With these digits, the service can determine an approximate (and accurate) price for the watch.

Also, potential buyers can use this information to verify they are getting a reasonable price.

Step 3: Conducting Research

Before you even get into listing your watch, the next step is to do some background history yourself.

Although most luxury listing sites can help with pricing, you will also want to ensure you are getting a good deal.

This process will include looking at the market value and history of your piece, as well as current demand.

While browsing through competing pieces and historical sales, you might find that the current selling price is inadequate.

If you are to wait a year or two, the value of your watch could increase, although this is primarily for vintage watches.

Also, it is crucial that you are informed about the device’s inner workings if buyers have any questions.

When looking into competing watches, note that no two pieces are identical.

Some have different service histories, shipping costs, conditions, and more, all of which significantly affect the price.

Like selling anything else, just because you have a listing price in mind doesn’t mean a buyer will buy it for that amount.

Step 4: Preparing Pictures

At this point, you can start getting into the marketing efforts of selling your watch.

Even though taking quick photos with your smartphone seems effortless, it can also reduce the likelihood of attracting buyers.

Remember, you are reaching out to a niche audience searching for high-quality, luxury items.

Make sure you get professional-quality photos that accentuate the best features of the piece.

Also, it is almost always guaranteed that higher-quality images will stand out against competing models.

Ensure you capture images of the case back, dial side, and other aspects of the watch like the bracelet and buckle.

Put yourself in the buyer’s shoes. What would you look at with a luxury watch if you were to see it in person?

All of the most critical aspects need to be captured to feel like they are holding it in their hands.

It can also be beneficial to get snapshots of the documents and packaging to prove they are available and authentic.

Step 5: Choose the Listing Platform

It’s now time for you to decide where and how you want to list your luxury piece.

When using online services, always read the fine print to make sure you are aware of potential fees and charges.

For example, some consignment shops take a fee per sale for allowing you to list the piece on their site.

Other lower-quality services let you get trade-in value for your watch rather than cash.

For example, if you sell a $5,000 watch, you will receive $5,000 in-store credit to another timepiece.

However, most platforms will give you cash for your sale and take a percentage of the sale.

Step 6: Begin the Listing Process

When you have all of the essential information prepared and ready to go, you can begin listing your watch.

Take the time to provide all of the most critical information about the piece, such as its history, quality, service history, and more.

You’ll also want to formulate your post to attract quick readers rather than using long paragraphs.

It can be a great idea to use bullet points, as it helps give clear and concise information while also being informative.

A few vital questions you’ll want to include in your posting are:

  • Where was the watch purchased?
  • When was the watch purchased?
  • How often has it been worn?
  • When and where has it been serviced?
  • Is the piece in working condition?
  • Are all of the parts original, or are there aftermarket repairs?

Step 7: Market the Listing

When using online platforms, the company likely has features available for you to boost the visibility of your post.

For example, some auction sites can put your watch at the top of search results for a nominal fee.

It’s also likely the site is organized so that those looking for your specific watch model can find it easily.

It can be incredibly beneficial to take some of the online marketing into your own hands as well.

Instagram is one of the few social media platforms with a huge market for luxury goods.

Consider creating an Instagram account to showcase the details of your watch and attract more buyers.

Another benefit of using social media to promote your luxury watch is that you can use it in the future.

If you have any other rare or unique items for sale, you can post them and attract a following.

By increasing your interested audience, you can bring in more competitive bids to get a higher price.

Step 8: Managing Questions and Concerns

Even though you’ve done the footwork to get your watch prepared and listed, the job doesn’t end there.

Now, you are responsible for engaging with potential buyers and keeping an open line of communication.

It can be a lengthy process, but it can also give you vital information to improve the quality of your listing.

For example, if you find that people are asking similar questions unanswered in the listing, you can add that information.

It can also be an excellent way for you to transform into a salesperson and entice them to put in a bid.

It would be best if you answer any questions as soon as possible without seeming too eager.

Indeed, you want to give vital information to encourage a sale but not too quickly.

Otherwise, the buyer might assume that you will take lower prices for the item than you are willing to accept.

It is also good to brush up on your negotiating skills, as it can help you get higher prices than what’s offered.


The process of learning the best way to sell luxury watches is like selling an assortment of other goods.

However, there’s a little more pressure regarding documentation, certificates of authenticity, and marketing.

Showcasing the best features of your piece can be a great way to get the best price possible for your valuable timepiece.

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