How to Set Analog Time on Baby G Shock Watch

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The steps to learning how to set analog time on Baby G Shock Watch are more straightforward than you might think.

Although these watches have a rugged and practical design with seemingly complex features, they are very user-friendly.

This guide will walk you through the process so that you can learn how to set your new watch accurately.

What Are Baby G Shock Watches?

You’ve likely heard of G-Shock watches in the past, which are the more popular timepieces manufactured by Casio.

Baby-G Shock watches are pretty similar, but they have a more petite style that makes them ideal for women and younger wearers.

With many of the same high-end features as the bulkier, more masculine varieties, these watches are handy.

What makes Baby-G Shock watches unique from other brands is their combination of traditional and modern components.

Each model has an assortment of useful features for active women paired with classical everyday styling.

Let’s take a look at some of the most impressive components Baby-G watches bring to the table.

Water Resistance

As an active individual, having water resistance with your watch is of the utmost importance.

It helps ensure the internal mechanisms are protected against inclement weather, showering, or even water sports.

Baby-G watches have varying water resistance, with most models offering up to 100 meters of protection.

Analog and Digital Displays

Whether you’re reading the analog hands on your watch or the digital display, there are multiple ways these watches keep time.

The majority of models will have the digital time in the bottom right-hand corner, with analog hands for convenience.

It helps offer an elevated appeal while maintaining the user-friendly nature of the timepiece.

World Time Zones

Along with analog and digital time, you’ll be able to customize the time zones displayed on your watch.

These models come equipped with 29 individual zones within 48 cities around the world.

As an added convenience, you can also opt to turn daylight savings time on or off.

How To Set Analog Time on Baby G Shock Watch: The Steps

Knowing the time-related features of your new watch will make it much simpler to adjust the analog time.

Let’s get into the easy-to-follow steps to help you set the time on your Baby G Shock.

Step 1: Find the Watch Buttons

Before you get started with setting the time, familiarize yourself with the functions built into the watch.

There are four buttons you’ll want to pay attention to: Adjust, Forward, Reverse, and Mode.

  • Adjust: This function is in the upper left-hand corner and is used to put your watch into “edit” mode.
  • Reverse: Using this function will move your watch back by one value. You’ll find it in the upper right-hand corner of the device.
  • Forward: As the opposite, this function allows you to move the time one value forward and is in the lower right-hand corner.
  • Mode: Another essential component is this function, located in the lower left-hand corner of the device to cycle through options.
tips on how to set analog time on baby g shock watch

Step 2: Enter “Edit Mode”

The first step to setting the analog time on your watch is to enter the edit mode by holding the “Adjust” button.

Press the function for approximately three seconds until the display on the watch begins to flash.

Once flashing, press the “Mode” button to navigate to the menu where you can adjust the seconds on the watch.

Step 3: Adjust the Seconds

Now that you’re hovering over the seconds, use the “Forward” or “Reverse” functions to adjust the time.

You can use your phone or another digital device to gauge what time to set it at.

Step 4: Adjust the Minutes

Once you have your seconds adjusted to the correct time, you can then move on to the minutes.

This step is just as simple, as you’ll only need to press the “Mode” button a second time.

After pressing, it should show the minutes flashing, allowing you to use the “Forward” and “Reverse” functions for adjustments.

When setting your watch, we recommend choosing a value one minute before the current time.

This step ensures that your watch will be 100% accurate once you’ve finished the setup process.

Uniquely, G-Shock watches automatically calibrate or synchronize once 60 seconds have passed after time adjustments.

Step 4: Adjust the Hour

The final step to setting the time on your watch is to adjust the hour.

You can follow the same steps as above; toggle to the hour menu by pressing “Mode.”

Then, use the “Forward” and “Reverse” buttons to cycle through to the current time.

During this step, you also can choose between military and standard 12-hour clocks.

When using the 12-hour clock, always ensure the watch is set correctly in either AM or PM.

Step 5: Adjusting Further Options

As mentioned, there are several time-related options that Baby G-Shock watches have.

Apart from the seconds, minutes, and hours, you also have time zones, daylight savings time, the date, and backlighting.

When the time is correct, simply press the “Mode” button to cycle through the following functions.

  • Time Zone: This value is near the top of the watch face. Changing the time zone automatically adjusts the time.
  • DST (Daylight Savings Time): This feature can be turned on or off as needed. When on, it automatically adjusts the time.
  • Backlight: The majority of Baby G-Shock watches are designed with a backlight, allowing you to view the face in the dark easily.
  • Date: Another convenience on the watch face is the date, which you can adjust by month and day.

Step 6: Set the Time

Now that you have all of the appropriate functions adjusted, simply press the “Adjust” button to save the settings.

The most impressive feature of these watches is that the analog hands automatically change with digital adjustments.

As such, you won’t have to worry about turning any dials or fine-tuning the second and minute hands for accuracy.

Final Thoughts

A Baby G Shock watch is a highly functional and fashionable timepiece ideal for the everyday woman with heavy-duty needs.

Learning how to set analog time on Baby G Shock watch is pretty simple because of its digital functions.

Then, by navigating through the menus and making all of the necessary adjustments, the analog features automatically calibrate.

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